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Cloudpital EHR mobile solution let you to be in touch with your patients and you can also access their information. You can continue and manage your practice and can easily access patient’s data outside your clinic or hospital. You can have complete insight of patient’s check in, check out and appointment. It let you to have hawk eye on management team and their performance. EHR mobile solution empowers you to deliver your services to your patients wherever they are in their homes, in your clinic, at inpatient or residential facilities. It simplifies document observation, taking vital decisions and other actions, so you can minimize paper work and allow staff to spend more time on patient care.

Cloudpital mobile solution empowers you to have convenient care in your hands. It benefits patients to have instant response and make appointment and visit process seamless. Mobile solution provides you to have better and accurate patient’s information which enables you to make better decisions and improve clinical performance. It also ensures complete privacy and security of patients’ personal and medical information. This versatile and malleable solution let you to have immediate access to important patient care information and provides you convenient ways to serve and provide care to you patients beyond the walls.


  • Thorough inspections lowers compliance risk
  • Dramatically improves the standards of data
  • Lessen training costs through ease of use
  • Real time approach to all data and information
  • Changes can be made easily through mobiles
  • Get all the information about schedules, appointments and patients history with just single tap at any time and any where

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