Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software in Saudi Arabia

Cloudpital let you to improve productivity and raise the standards of your performance with Electronic Medical Record System. It enables you to be more organized, eliminates inessential paper work, enhance clinical productivity and let you to serve your patients with more care and love. Patient’s accurate information is a core factor to deliver the best. Cloudpital EMR empowers you to have individual patient complete and accurate medical history with just a single click. It streamlines the information mining process which in return enhances staff efficiency, makes responses instant and improves patient information location tracking. Along patient medical history management, Cloudpital also enables you to perform operations and mange accounts in organized manner through its Clinic Software.

EMR is a single central reservoir which stores and saves all the data and information of patients in symmetry and organized manner. So that doctors and pharmacists can approach and get information on the basis of need without any hurdles. It has an amazing trait to archive the past and present medical reports and personal information documents of the patient to be easily retrieved at the required date.


  • Scheduling
  • Billing
  • Encounter Assistants
  • Robust reminders, searches and prescription writing
  • Extensive stamp and custom form librar
  • Data-Sharing
  • Interactive GUI for making data collection easier for transcriptionists.
  • Formatted collection of information on patients according to the requirement.
  • Patient records search option on the basis of patient ID, patient name etc.
  • Comprehensive clinical data repository.
  • Patient demographic details.
  • ICD-10 codes for clinical findings and diagnosis.
  • CPT codes for clinical and diagnostic procedures.
  • Tests and medications ordering in real time.
  • Customized forms for different specialties for the simplification of clinical history taking.
  • Clinical procedure records, medical images and laboratory reports.
  • Built in and customized reports offering.

CloudPital EMR is capable to archive the scanned documents or past records of patients in order to be tagged with patient ID according to the case to make retrieval possible at later stage. Cloudpital’s Hospital Software made easy to manage all operation on a one stop window.

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