Electronic Medical Record Software in saudi-arabia | EMR Software in Saudi Arabia

#1 EMR Software in saudi-arabia | Electronic Medical Record | Cloudpital offers quick access to records from anywhere at any time, through any browser or device. Our EMR Software in saudi-arabia provides 24/7 hour services. #1 EMR Software in saudi-arabia | Electronic Medical Record | Cloudpital allows physicians to perform their tasks efficiently and also manage the patient’s competence with ease. The main objective of EMR software in saudi-arabia is to personalize health, optimize efficiency, and improve quality, overall safety and much more. E-Clinic software in saudi-arabia which provides a customization interface, also minimizes costs, since it does not need separate servers, large booster systems, and creation of application updates and, above all, reduces the need to provide support. Hospital Software in saudi-arabia manages OPD/IPD management, laboratory, pharmacy, radiology, mobile applications, room management, online appointment scheduling, secure messaging, family portal, patient portal, medical portals, electronic medical billing, accounting, human resources and payroll.


FEATURES OF #1 EMR Software in saudi-arabia | Electronic Medical Record:

    • Explanation behind the experience and applicable history
    • Physical exam discoveries
    • Earlier analytic test outcomes
    • Appraisal, clinical impression, or conclusion
    • Therapeutic arrangement of care
    • Date and decipherable personality of the onlooker
    • Suitable wellbeing hazard factors
    • Patient’s advancement, reaction to and changes in treatment, and update of conclusion
    • Determination and treatment codes
    • Billing
    • Encounter Assistants
    • E-Prescription
    • Charting
    • Case Sheets for Adhoc Encounter
    • Dynamics Form Builder
    • Online appointments
    • Multi-Clinic
    • Roaster Manager
    • Laboratory & Investigations Manager
    • Pharmacy Manager
    • Integrated Insurance
    • Integrated Financial Accounting
    • Robust reminders, searches and prescription writing
    • Extensive stamp and custom form library
    • Data-Sharing
    • Interactive GUI for making data collection easier for transcriptionists.
    • Formatted collection of information on patients according to the requirement.
    • Patient records search option on the basis of patient ID, patient name etc.
    • Comprehensive clinical data repository.
    • Patient demographic details.
    • ICD-10 codes for clinical findings and diagnosis.
    • CPT codes for clinical and diagnostic procedures.
    • Tests and medications ordering in real time.
    • Customized forms for different specialties for the simplification of clinical history taking.
    • Clinical procedure records, medical images and laboratory reports.
    • Built in and customized reports offering.

BENEFITS OF #1 EMR Software in saudi-arabia | Electronic Medical Record:

  • Better analysis
  • Better management
  • Less number of failures found in individual medical records
  • Faster response to care and decision making by assigned medical professionals
  • Quickly relocating the patient registry from one department to another is a great benefit
  • Memory accumulates benefit from an environment of digital records
  • Maximize the number of patients served per day to improve patient workflow and increase productivity
  • Reduced operating costs, such as transcription services and overtime labor costs
  • Advanced e-prescription and clinical documentation capabilities
  • In addition to an improved bottom line of healthcare practice, enhanced through the ability to process patient billing with greater precision and efficiency

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