The role of HR System in Saudi Arabia in customer experience

PeopleQlik #1 HR system in Saudi Arabia gets your customer experience right, and your revenue can increase between 10-12% – whilst at the same time creating happier customers who enjoy using your products or services.

This sounds so simple. Look at brands such as Emirates or Apple that make it easy for customers or offer great customer service. Many customers become brand advocates and return to them over and over again. Customers who don’t have great experiences are more likely to tell others. It’s crucial for companies to understand that customers today are on-demand, mobile, and digital.

PeopleQlik #1 HR system in Saudi Arabia
The role of HR System in Saudi Arabia in customer experience

The role of HR System in Saudi Arabia in customer experience

Employee engagement could be the key to great customer service. The same goes for HR and people departments. There are many lessons to be learned from customer experience teams. Here are some reasons.

Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers

First, happy employees equal happy customers. Employee engagement and motivation will show in customer service provided by a company.

Ultimately, it is people who underpin the long-term customer relationship, not the CRM software or the customer management processes put in place. It goes further.

As well as your customers, know your people.

Companies have access to a wealth of information about customers today, from their shopping habits to their style preferences and lifestyle choices.

Companies can identify the type of products that consumers like, their preferred ways to interact with brands, and when they are most likely to purchase from them. Customers are now able to enjoy a seamless buying experience when it comes to the HR system in Saudi Arabia.

What if companies had the exact same insight into their employees?

Taken logically, it seems ludicrous that companies can have all this information about their consumers, but not their employees – what about how their staff prefer to work? How they interact with their employer. Or when they are most likely to become a flight risk.

Imagine the impact on the company if an organization tapped into this using people analytics and People Science, and knew their employees as well as their consumers. The company could transform the way they work and create great workplace experiences that allow their employees to be their best, ultimately increasing productivity, engagement, and performance.

This is how HR and people teams can learn from customer experience teams. They can also create a more productive workforce and a happier customer experience.

Customer feedback can be linked to employee engagement

Customer experience teams can learn from people and HR teams in the same way they can improve their workforce experience by getting to know their customers as well as their people.

This type of collaboration results in a positive customer experience and ultimately, a successful brand.

The successful integration of employee and customer satisfaction was a success. Total Fitness’ NPS score, which was minus 31 at the beginning – the lowest in the industry – rose to plus four in two years. This is nine points higher than the sector average. This was reflected in a 14% increase in membership over the two-year period.

It seems outrageous then that just 36% of companies wholly or partially share data between their customer experience and employee engagement programs, according to studies, with 38% having no plans to connect the two disciplines.

This is despite research showing that 83% of companies that linked feedback saw benefits in an improved customer experience, while 75% felt it led to more motivated and engaged employees. Nearly six out of ten companies also stated that it enabled them to gain insight into business objectives and allowed them to connect positive customer experiences with engaged employees.

Customer experience teams could have a lot of opportunities by sharing data about employee engagement and customer experience.

Marketing and HR teams can benefit from each other’s shared skills

This case for the relationship between customer experience and employee experience opens the door to a closer relationship between marketing and HR.

As companies increasingly wise up to the power of employer branding and People Marketing, the HR system in Saudi Arabia and marketing professionals are increasingly sharing common skill sets.

Both worlds need communication

People teams and HR are constantly adapting their communication methods to engage employees. They borrow techniques from marketing counterparts. Social channels, mobile experiences, and webcasts are all examples of this.

While some staff prefer to receive notifications about company news, others prefer all-company meetings. People and HR teams are adapting their approaches to meet the needs of employees.

In the next few years, we will see more Chief People Officers with marketing backgrounds.

Harmonize the employee experience and the customer experience

Companies have made significant investments in digital experiences, driven by technology and increasing online business transactions.

Employees expect better customer service. Employees expect a better employee experience. If they can book their holiday online at the click of a button, at a time that suits them, why can’t they also book leave at work?

To increase employee engagement, HR and people teams are now more closely following customer journeys in their employee experiences.

Online cloud-based HR software in Saudi Arabia and people apps, for example, make it easier to communicate with employees. They can instantly access company news, holiday booking forms, company policies, and a portal to communicate confidentially with HR.

Self-service access empowers employees, giving them the ability to view and manage key tasks at any time. This frees up time for HR and people teams and increases productivity.

Future of Customer Experience and Human Resources

Many businesses believe that their people are what differentiates their brand. Engaged employees can directly link to positive customer experiences.

HR should be responsible for customer experience. Customer experience should own HR and people.

With 48% of companies feeling that siloed behavior and ways of working presented the great barriers to delivering a good customer experience, the future certainly holds a closer working relationship between the two, if companies want to boost employee engagement and customer feedback – and, as a result, ultimately their revenue too.

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