The HR’s Guide to Investing in a Performance Management Software in Saudi Arabia

PeopleQlik #1 Performance management software in Saudi Arabia Organizations strive to improve their ability to evaluate and measure employee performance. Performance management is designed to improve an organization’s bottom-line by motivating employees. It aligns the individual and workforce goals with the larger organizational goals and mission.

Initial performance reviews were done on paper. The paper-based annual performance reviews were slow, tedious and susceptible to bias. Organizations embraced technology to address its inefficiencies. They moved to performance management tools.

PeopleQlik #1 Performance management software in Saudi Arabia

The HR’s Guide to Investing in a Performance Management software in Saudi Arabia

The HR’s Guide to Investing in a Performance Management software in Saudi Arabia


Performance management tools helped organizations shift from broken annual performance reviews to regular, frequent feedback. However, selecting the right performance management software can be a daunting task. Organizations will want to return to traditional performance appraisal processes, even if they are afraid of being lost in the dark with complex software.

However, all is not lost. This comparison includes the top six performance management tools available on the market. It also contains a complete HRs guide that will assist organizations in finding the right system for them.

What is performance management?

Performance management systems in Saudi Arabia are a way to measure and track employee performance. This system allows companies to make sure that all employees and departments are contributing effectively to achieving their strategic goals. Employees who are more aligned with the corporate goals can be a competitive advantage for businesses.

Performance management tools are essential

Performance management tools Organizations can speed up their performance management processes and provide fair, periodic reviews.. These seven benefits can be offered by performance management tools for your company:

  • Enable continuous performance management
  • Offer 360-degree performance evaluations
  • Increase the frequency of feedback
  • Ensure a fair performance appraisal process
  • It’s easy to track employee performance
  • Identify your training needs
  • Automated performance review reporting

Modern performance management systems: Statistics

Most organizations are starting to move away from time-consuming manual performance management tools to modern performance management software. These are some recent surveys that show the importance and impact on automated performance management.

  1. Deloitte’s Global HR Trends report shows that nearly 70% of organizations have started to reinvent their performance management process.
  2. Modern performance management has progressed far beyond employee satisfaction, it focuses on employee engagement and motivation because highly motivated employees are proved to be 125% more productive than those who are merely satisfied.
  3. Since organizations have started losing 42 billion a year to work-related stress, modern performance management systems have made employee wellbeing an integral part of performance reviews.
  4. Organizations that provide continuous feedback have 14.9% lower turnover than other businesses that offer annual appraisals.

Modern performance management software in Saudi Arabia provides more importance to learning and development opportunities to fulfill rising employee demands.

The best performance management software

Many performance management tools include many components.

1. Past performance details

Managers and employees can review their achievements and highlight the current performance. This also displays how employees have performed in relation to their roles and sets goals for the coming year.

2. Feedback mechanisms

A good performance management tool includes a section for capturing 360-degree feedback on an employee’s performance.

3. Ratings and scores

This will enable you to give ratings to your team’s performance. A good performance management tool will also allow you to tailor these options to work with your existing performance scoring system.

4. Development plans

This section of the employee performance management system allows managers and employees to describe their expectations and capture any information regarding future training, promotions, or other topics.

What performance management tools can I use to benefit my company?

You can make your current processes more efficient by switching to a performance management program.

1. Improved consistency in the performance management process

You can track performance to ensure that all employees are using the same metrics.

2. Objectively identify top performers and determine training needs

Transparent performance management software in Saudi Arabia will show employees which employees are performing well based on fair standards and where there are training gaps.

3. Review training effectiveness

It is easy to see how a training program has influenced your performance over a period of time.

4. Employee motivation and morale are increased

Employees are more likely to feel engaged when they know that others care about them and receive consistent feedback.

5. Improved employee retention

People will often leave jobs that don’t make a difference to them. It gives people another reason to stay if you can clearly tie performance to individual and corporate goals.

6. Time savings

Evaluations don’t need to be complicated. They can be completed quickly, shared and processed faster.

Performance management system at a new level

A great performance management system is crucial to fostering a positive work environment, no matter if you’re starting your own company or looking to make a career change.

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